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Electric tool industry reshuffle will further accelerate in the future
2021-03-24 23:14:06

"This year, Zhejiang power tool industry has closed down several small businesses, now has come to the white-hot competition, the future will further accelerate the industry reshuffle." A power tool manufacturer in Zhejiang Province, said the person in charge.

More and more foreign trade enterprises to realize, after the last farewell to rapid growth, China's growth rate slowed down, and this situation will become the "new normal."

Rising labor costs for many manufacturers complain incessantly, and further weaken the competitiveness of Chinese products.

"We recruit a worker's monthly salary has risen to 4000--5000 yuan." Ningbo Battery Electric Import & Export sales manager Ding Tao said.

Frank Lakatos Metabo companies from Germany OEM purchasing director, said the current Chinese product quality increased year by year, but the problem is China rising labor costs, labor costs in Germany rose more than gains, increasing end-user price of the product Difficult to accept.

"Even more critical is that China is still relatively poor ability to innovate, but also need to continue to improve." The buyers said.

"Effect of exchange rate fluctuations on our more obvious, if the RMB exchange rate continues to be strong, a number of small companies will disappear." Ding Tao said.

Insiders have an experience of many years of foreign trade, he said China is still at the low end of the global industrial chain links with China demographic dividend gradually disappear, future exports will be more and more bad. "